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Robots and Design Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells advanced robots
& automation system manufacturing equipment. RND's expertise in the robotic
technologies is based on more than 20 years of experience.

Our products include industrial robots (for assembly, semiconductor and display),
educational robots, service robots and field robots. Manufacturing automation
system includes robotic solutions for semiconductor, display, photonics as well
as bio-engineering fields (lab automation in genomics, proteomics, lab-on-a-chip,
drug discovery, cell cultivation, etc.). RND's mission is to provide its customers
with responsive, flexible & optimal robotic solutions.

 Intelligent Robots : Profitable Biz2006/06/20
 Company Introduction : RND2006/06/13
 First Export to Taiwan : FTR2006/06/07
 Compact Precision Stage : New Product2006/06/05

- 4 or 5 axes vertically multi-jointed   robots.
- Suitable for environments that need   high speed motion in a small footprint.

- The basic platform necessary for   robotic education and R&D